Silk & Sumac

I am a fiber artist. I use natural materials to create unique, eco-conscious, upcycled natural clothing, scarves, pillow cases, and more. I use natural dyes and plants on cotton, linen, wool, and silk fabrics to produce one of a kind pieces inspired by nature. Some of the plants I use for colour and imprinting include maple leaves, sumac berries, avocado pits, and lichen, to name a few. I use leaves as a base for abstract prints. I use indigo to produce bright hues. As a professional horticulturist, I use my knowledge of plants to thoughtfully produce eco-friendly pieces.

Because of my interest in the environment and concern with modern, artificially produced textiles, I began using natural dyes, eco-prints, and stitching to produce one of a kind pieces. I also nuno felt scarves and use mixed media to produce small art scenes. Nuno felting is a form of fiber artistry. It involves binding loose fibers, typically wool with sheer fabrics such as silk. This is labour intensive work, which results in beautiful, vibrant lightweight pieces. My nuno felted scarves are distinctive and whimsical.

As previously mentioned, I am a horticulturalist by profession. However, I also have a background in ceramics and was a member of the Pine Tree Potters Aurora. I participated in the first and second Bradford Studio Tours. I am a dynamic, ever changing artist. As of right now, cloth and stitches enable me to express myself. Eco-printing, natural dyeing, rust printing, felting and stitching give life to recycled natural materials. My artistic process is chemical free and my artwork is always inspired by nature.


Bradford Arts Centre United Church
66 Barrie Street
Bradford, Ontario L3Z 0J1