Leo Mallet

Leo Mallet is a native of New Brunswick. After his graduation from Sacred Heart University in 1951, he decided to pay a visit to other parts of Canada. The thunder of one of the world wonders brought him to Niagara Falls Ontario. This "visit" lasted for three years. Even though his command of the English language was at the time limited, he moved on, undaunted by the barrier, to the pretty outskirts of Toronto known as Thornhill.

In the fifty years that have since passed, Leo and his charming wife Marie, have raised three sons, Michael, Richard and Mark, and now have four lovely grandsons.

Leo's talent was recognized at a very early age, but it was only in 1955 that he put his primarily self taught artistry to work in a concentrated effort to produce his marvelous paintings.

Leo is not one to jealously guard his hard won secrets, he has had as many as 40 students learning from his teaching at one time. He loves to teach but finds that it takes far more time than he is able to spare, and has had to terminate his classes.

Leo has successfully completed more than 400 one-man showings across Canada and the United States and has captured the hearts of so many that have seen him working in public. Travel and workshops assignments have taken Leo and Marie to more than 30 countries around the world exchanging art work and ideas with artist friends along the way. He studied in Copenhagen under the watchful eyes of Issac Zitman and in Paris spent sometime in the studio of Dasonville and Pouinar, time well spent according to Leo.

His paintings, now numbering in the thousands, are hanging in homes across Canada, the United States, France, Bermuda and many other European countries.

Whether it is the pounding seashores of the Pacific or the Atlantic or the Canadian Rockies or the breath-taking of Mount Fuji that finds Leo Mallet at his pallet and easel, you can see that he puts his soul into his work.


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