Jackie Jones

Jackie Jones (nee Lameront) was born in Kingston Ontario and is the eldest of eight siblings.Being from a large family, Jackie is all too familiar with the importance of responsibility, patience and acceptance.
Now living in the Village of Thornton, Jackie and her husband Henry have five children, eight wonderful grand kids and 4 great grandchildren.

Taking inspiration from many famed personal growth authors, Jackie combined her passion for writing with her love of children and created The Gratitude Bugs series.

When she is not writing adventures for G-Bugs, Jackie and Henry operate the Roadshow’s 400 Antiques Mall, a business they’ve owned since 1995.

To this day she lives her life by the Law of Attraction and believes that The Gratitude Bugs will bring hope and happiness to all children, from all walks of life, all around the world.
To contact Jackie please send an e-mail to gbugs@rogers.com

A portion of sales from her books goes directly to help sick and abused children around the world.


Bradford Public Library
425 Holland Street W
Bradford, Ontario L3Z 2A6