Ann Berman

I've only recently labelled myself a textile artist, although I have been creating textiles my whole life. From the excitement of learning to cork in kindergarten, making my own doll clothes, knitting and selling bikinis as a teenager, as well as leather purses and hats, learning spinning and weaving in my twenties, followed by rug hooking, rugbraiding, felting, and now...putting it all together in new and different ways.

My focus has always been on natural fibres, and I use "reclaimed" fabrics and fibres whenever possible. I love turning castoffs into beautiful new things. I have averted hundreds of pounds of textiles from landfill, especially jeans. I keep finding new and exciting things to make with old jeans: rugs, chair mats, quilts, skirts... My most recent is a ukulele bag. Even the lining and zipper are reused.

I have led workshops on felting, rugbraiding, and mirror embroidery. I have also conducted a textile tour of Guatemala, arranging for the indigenous women there to share their amazing textile skills. The trip was a great success, so I am planning a similar tour for next year.

Interestingly, my Polish Jewish grandfather was a textile designer, as is my Icelandic niece, so perhaps it is in our blood. I love that connection with my roots. Deep roots lead to healthy growth.


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